Anytime you can get a university level professor into a 12th grade art class you are onto a winner! The workshop allowed student to collaborate with an expert in the field participating in authentic activities, and held in a studio environment. It does not get much better than this!

Alan Blackwell / Visual Arts Teachers

The engaging speakers discussed the importance of having a curious mind and explained how design permeates all aspects of life. Students enjoyed creating a 3D prototype and were excited to learn about careers in design and summer workshops. Overall, this workshop fit in perfectly with our design curriculum and it was a treat to have a professor in our class!

Rosa Abbiento and Claire Pacaud / Visual Arts Teachers

Participating in this workshop inspired me to follow my love of 3D art and also lead to my successful application to OCAD for the Industrial Design Program.

M.K / High School Student Gr. 12

…I found this workshop very interesting because I would like to get into design. ┬áThe lecture was really informative and helped me understand the essential skills I need to be a designer….I’m really glad I had this opportunity.

B.M / High School Student Gr. 11

…It was especially helpful to hear about what should go into a university portfolio as well as understanding the application process when applying to the art schools….This workshop was very enjoyable experience.

M.N / High School Student Gr. 11
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